The Global-Local Seminar

Global-Local Seminar 2016

October 25, 2016
“Legal matters concerning foreign people”
Tetsuo Yamazaki, Hibiyamitsuke Law Firm, Partner Attorney

November 1, 2016
“Status of medical care of foreigners: MIC Kanagawa and medical interpreter dispatch service”
Katsumi Matsuno, MIC Kanagawa, President

November 15, 2016
“Toward the community where we live together”
Ann Pae, Kanagawa Sumai Support Center, President

November 29, 2016
“Customs enforcement at the national borders against smuggling”
Takeshi Ito, Yokohama Customs Monitoring Department, Chief Manager

December 13, 2016
“Support for childcare to foreign residents”
Junko Tomimoto, Kanagawa International Foundation

January 10, 2017
“Basic Concept of Refugees Protection”
Megumi Ban, United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees Legal Department