A Study on
the Social Integration of
“Adolescents with
Refugee and Migrant
Backgrounds” in Kanagawa


Japan is becoming an extreme aging society with falling birth rates. Thus, it is ultimately necessary to create a society in which the younger generation, no matter where he or she is from, can access equal opportunities to enhance their capabilities. The Japanese government, including the Cabinet Office, shares this perspective and leads many initiatives, such as conducting social research with these generations to understand their realities.

However, research on teens and youths connected to foreign countries/regions have not been implemented. As Kanagawa Prefecture has had a long history of accepting immigrants and refugees from the 1980’s, and YNU has a mission to contribute to address the social issues of the surrounding areas in the prefecture, it is indispensable for the university to shed light on the realities of these populations to make policy recommendations.

Main inquiries
Questions on social integrations (employment, housing, education, health, social capital, linguistic and cultural knowledge, social security, citizenship) set by the cabinet office of UK are adopted for this research.