YNU-Yokohama Yoshida
Junior High School
Joint Workshop on
Multicultural Symbiotic


Yokohama Yoshida Junior High School has the largest number of foreign students in Yokohama City. At this school, half of the students are children with foreign backgrounds, and among them, more than 70% of the students speak Chinese as their first language. Every year, more than 20 new foreign students enter the school, Japanese language is taught in the Kokusai-Kyoshitsu (Japanese Langage Center). However, since students with foreign backgrounds does not have enough time to study Japanese language, their Japanese language skills and overall performance at the school have been of concern to faculty.

Yokohama Yoshida Junior High School is implementing the Tabunka-Kyosei (multicultural symbiosis) project to help their students from various backgrounds understand one another. The School's Digital Storytelling(DST) project is carried out in collaboration with their Tabunka-Kyosei (multicultural symbiosis) project.

DST is a workshop-based activity that aims to enhance understanding of oneself and others through making a short movie with pictures and videos and then sharing it. The creative process involves dialogue among workshop participants. The activity originally started in the United States in the 90s as a community workshop to empower citizens through digital technology.